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'Spirit Guide', Metal and Enamel Purple Paw Forever In My Heart Car Charm

Item# G52002

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October 28, 2014: Love this charm. Very pretty. Ordered 5, for members of my family for xmas.
October 14, 2014: second 1 ive bought i think they are beautiful well made and lovely great presents as im in new zealand no one else has one
October 12, 2014: Love this - great quality too, hanging it near my till at work and get compliments from customers : )
October 11, 2014: Absolutely charming. I bought two, one for a gift and I'm considering buying another. I love mine and everyone that rides in my vehicle comments on it and wants one. I just couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you Animal Rescue at Greater Good. Com.....
October 9, 2014: I guess you can't go wrong with this one! I read all the great reviews before purchasing one as a gift for my sister...and she loves it. May have to get one for my car, one of these days.
October 5, 2014: Amazing quality for the price. Would recomend ;o)
October 4, 2014: I love it and so does everyone I show it to. It is very good quality and looks wonderful. Very solid.
October 2, 2014: This charm is beautiful! My beloved 15yo dog passed recently and this is a perfect reminder that he will always be in my heart. Very nice quality as well.
September 28, 2014: I love the sentiment that this heart has engraved on it I plan to save mine to give to someone experiencing the loss of their beloved pet, as a way to comfort them and show my concern and compassion for their loss.
September 25, 2014: I absolutely love this car charm!!!! So much so, I have purchased several for Christmas presents for my other animal loving friends!!!
September 17, 2014: I just love it. It is just perfect how it is made. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and allowing me also to give back to a wonderful cause as well.
September 16, 2014: I love this. It's simple, cute, and not to heavy for the mirror. Also, reminds me that my baby is with me where ever I go.
September 15, 2014: I am very pleased with this Heart & Purple Paw Charm for my car. It reminds me daily of my special pets that will always be with me. thanks for such a nice reminder.
September 10, 2014: Love it! Bought one for each car so that my husband and I both have one.
September 8, 2014: It's beautiful!! I bought the first one for myself and then some more to give as gifts for friends.
August 22, 2014: love this item///
August 13, 2014: i LOVE this !! it is so beautiful. the words are perfect and the paw print never let's me forget......
August 10, 2014: very cute charm, tho it's a bit hard to snap into place since the beads are a little short. same size as shown in picture, but a little awkward to hang. it does clink around a bit when you're driving, so if you don't want the noise, this might not be for you. but i always play music so don't notice it.
August 8, 2014: I love these - they are beautiful, well-made and not "over the top.". I have one in my car -- and have bought several as gifts for friends. Always such a delight to see how happy people are at receiving them.
August 8, 2014: In remembrance of pets that are waiting at the bridge.
August 7, 2014: My animals are so dear to my heart that this was a perfect heart with great words and the paw just wonderful
August 5, 2014: Absolutely lovely. I wanted this for so long and it had been out of stock. When it was finally back in, I pounced and I am so grateful. It IS larger than expected, as so many have mentioned, but that only enhances its loveliness and presence in my car. I bought it in memory of so many beloved furry friends in my life, but particularly for the loss of my "baby," a feral Mainecoon whose mother had abandoned him. He was sickly and every moment nursing him to health made him ever more precious. When he died suddenly before he was two years old, I grieved terribly. No other reviews have mentioned that the charm "tinkles" gently, when the center charm touches the heart. It is infrequent and very delicate, so it is never annoying. Quite the contrary, I take it as a little "hello" from my little one and thank the Eternal Loving Wisdom that he and all of my other furry friends have blessed my life.
August 4, 2014: The pendant is beautiful but the only problem is there is no chain attached to it so I can hang it from my rearview mirror. I had to find an old sterling silver chain to put thru the pendant so I could hang it from my rearview mirror.
August 2, 2014: It is quite lovely. Well made, excellent value too
July 30, 2014: i bought this for a great friend that does so much to help rescue animals. I was so impressed when i got this in the mail. This is absolutely beautiful. I can't brag enough on how nice this charm is!!
July 25, 2014: This was a gift and my niece love it. She just lost there dog buddy and like most animal lovers they are family Buddy had a lot of family that loved him.
July 15, 2014: I bought two. One for the car and one for my salon mirror. Perfect size and made well.
July 15, 2014: Love the heart & purple paw car charm. Bought as a remembrance of my almost 15 yr brindle pup who passed away last year. Now he travels with me, in sprit, in the car.
July 12, 2014: Much bigger than I expected and it's very sturdy and pretty...I love it!!
July 12, 2014: Love it, love it, love it! I have it hanging from my rear view mirror and it gives me comfort when I think of my fur babies waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge!
July 11, 2014: I was SO pleased to receive this ... I had also bought one for a friend who had just lost her pet. Larger than expected, sounds like a wind chime, and reminds me of my sweet Rocky who loved to be in the car. The perfect keepsake.
July 11, 2014: Very pretty, somewhat larger than I expected, and the short chain made it a little cumbersome to hang, but it's a lovely reminder of pets that have gone to the Bridge.
July 11, 2014: I was very pleased when this arrived. It is very well made and larger than I expected. I love it and have gotten several comments from people in parking lots as to where I got it. I always say "the animal rescue site" where you can click everyday and help feed animals in shelters everyday and all it costs is a minute of your time.
July 11, 2014: enjoy this car harm each and every day larger than you think but does not impair vision makes you smile down the road. Great price too!
July 11, 2014: Love it! It reminds me that I carry all my furkids with me in my heart wherever I go - even those who have gone before me to the Rainbow Bridge.
July 11, 2014: perfect size for the car. I love it! The chain comes with a little connector, which makes it easy to attach to the rear view mirror. The purple is bright and cheerful and looking at it reminds me of my purrbabies.
July 11, 2014: Love it, bigger than what I thought it would be & it's so pretty :)
July 11, 2014: This is just the sweetest thing! I get to see it every day and it just lifts my heart. I was looking for something new to put on my rear view mirror, and this is purrfect!
July 7, 2014: I absoutely love this car charm. It is so much heavier and more solid than you would think. I bought one for myself in memory of the Love of My Life; Reddog and the recent loss of my goofy, loving, Irish Setter; Shayne O'Malley. I am so moved everytime I look at this, I ordered one for all the people who helped Shayne O'Malley cross the Rainbow Bridge. It made a beautiful thank you gift.
July 7, 2014: Wow!! I was surprised at how cool this thing is. Super pretty, perfect for my car. It's just what I've been looking for.
July 6, 2014: Love it ! Well made, attractive and shows off well.
July 5, 2014: I love it. I have it hanging on a picture frame of my dog. looks good there
July 2, 2014: This item is Pawsome! I bought 2 and the quality is excellent, If you're thinking of getting 1 or 2 or more don't think just do!
June 24, 2014: I was so amazed at how sturdy and heavy this was!! It shines so beautifully in the sunlight in my car......I have had many compliments on this and my fiancee loved it also!!
June 22, 2014: Love this item & I enjoy seeing it when I'm driving -- precious memories!
June 9, 2014: I Just Received this Today & I Absolutely LOVE it!! It was Much Larger & Thicker than I Thought it was going to be, but it is not Too Large. It Absolutely PERFECT & Looks Awesome Hanging from my Rear-View Mirror! I was Looking for Something to Memorialize the Loss of my Dog, (who Happened to Wear a PURPLE Collar for the 9 1/2 Years that we had him), & this Paw Car Charm is PERFECT....with the Purple Paw Hanging in the Center! I Absolutely LOVE This & Can't say Enough GOOD THINGS about it!! This was WELL WORTH the Money I Spent for it & I would Definitely Recommend this item!
May 30, 2014: This was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. The size is larger than I expected, but is just perfect and looks beautiful in the car. I'm thrilled with my purchase. It's absolutley worth the price. I bought another one for my husband's car, so now we both have one.
May 24, 2014: This item is even prettier in person I absolutely L <3 v e it Definitely expresses the deep love we have always for our furry babies
May 20, 2014: This is so pretty hanging from the mirror in my car! I just love it! It reminds me of all of my critters waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. I miss my babies but I feel they are all there with me when I look at this.
May 16, 2014: It was very pretty and good quality.
May 16, 2014: I love this, got one for me, then turned around and ordered 2 more for my friends beautiful
May 3, 2014: This is a beautiful chime, but my beaded hanger broke the first week. First time I have ever had anything from you break, but now, I can't use it.
April 22, 2014: I bought 3, 1 for each of my daughters, & 1 for me. We LOVE them!!!
April 20, 2014: I love it! Perfect size to hang from the rear view mirror .Well worth the price! I bought this in memory of my dogs I have lost. Delivery was fast. I love all the products I get from this site, never had any problem.
April 17, 2014: Bought this for my mother she loved it cried when she opened it because it touched her heart it's very special to her and me both shipping was quick I've ordered a lot from this site and have been very satisfied every time
April 16, 2014: This makes a great gift for one's self and friends who have 'Bridge Kids'. It is a very pretty 'car charm' to have in memory of the wonderful babies you have lost. Really love this product. >^..^<
April 16, 2014: Absolutely love this!! I purchased this for my departed kitty Abbie, miss her so much...And I can tell you the picture does not do it justice.. It's more beautiful in person.
April 13, 2014: Beautiful charm and I love it. Every time I get in my car, this charm reminds me that my cat "Angel Romeo" is always here and in my heart.
April 4, 2014: Beautiful, well-made. Wish I'd bought more for gifts!
March 31, 2014: Fantastic product, absolutely love it! And a smooth transaction, all the way from South Africa. No problems getting my beautiful heart :-D
March 30, 2014: I bought 2 of these, one to give as a gift & the second for me. I put the package away when it arrived & didn't actually see them until I got the one ready for gift giving. I'll admit, I teared up thinking about all my furbabies who have already gone to the Bridge. When the gift recipient opened hers, she started crying & hugged me so tight, thanking me because now she could have her 'kids' with her. The item, while very delicate looking, is sturdy enough to handle my driving. These are great as gifts but also as a keepsake for yourself.
March 30, 2014: love love love this. It is just purrrrfect hanging from my mirror
March 28, 2014: Absolutely beautiful. Excellent quality. I love it.
March 28, 2014: Beautiful and elegant. Excellent quality and a lovely reminder of my "guys".
March 27, 2014: Very nice way to always remember my pup. He will always be with me on all my adventures.
March 27, 2014: I bought this charm for a gift, and had to keep it. It is beautiful! the quality of this charm is outstanding. ! When they are back in stock, my friend will be getting one.
March 27, 2014: I love it! It's pretty and sturdy. The only problem is when you go over a bump it tends to swing too much and can be distracting.
March 26, 2014: Shipping to UK was remarkably fast. The charm is lovely and first class quality especially for the price. I love it and so does everyone else who's seen it. The message always makes me smile as I remember my furry friends who have passed
March 25, 2014: Love it. Brings a warm feeing of all the past paws that have landed on my heart
March 25, 2014: I Love this Charm!!! It's not cheaply made, and very pretty hanging from my rearview mirror!!!
March 20, 2014: This is of exceptional quality! Absolutely gorgeous!! Worth much more than the current $7 price tag!! You won't be disappointed
March 16, 2014: Perfect size!
March 16, 2014: This was purchased to adorn my beloved dog's ashes. Belle was my sweet rat terrier who died at age 15. It is beautiful and everyone that see her little urn thinks the loving touch is beautiful! Perfect size!
March 15, 2014: i brought this charm after losing my Henry cat, i love the charm its so beautiful and very well made. Clarissa UK x
March 15, 2014: the picture does not do the item justice. it's absolutely stunning!kl
March 13, 2014: Truly more than I expected, says it all and just want I needed. Sue, Australia
March 13, 2014: Wonderful addition to my car. Want to get another for my truck. Heart is abut 4" across, so just the right size. Beautiful purple paw. Great buy!
March 12, 2014: This charm is so beautiful & shiny. It says exactly how I think of all my kitties. It's nice to have something of a reminder of them when I leave home.
March 11, 2014: This is beautiful with a lovely verse. Looks great hanging in car. Love it!
March 10, 2014: Love it- this is so beautiful and bought my boyfriends ex wife one too. It looks like it would cost more than the price listed as it is just gorgeous and it makes me think of my kids !!
March 10, 2014: BEAUTIFUL! As always, the best product quality- shipped fast, and it's just perfect-love all the products on this site-thank you!
March 10, 2014: Perfect, getting one for my daughter's birthday, she fell in love with it too.
March 9, 2014: This is a beautiful piece for your car. Every time I look at this I see my best friend. And the saying fits so very well
March 6, 2014: This is a very nice car charm. I am happy to have it and I recommend it.
March 1, 2014: Bought this for a friend who lost her cat, it is beautiful. Very well made. Love it !
February 26, 2014: I bought this for my mother after our 10 year old Boxer died suddenly. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be and she absolutely loves it.
February 21, 2014: This heart & purple paw car charm is beautiful! Love it!
February 21, 2014: Beautiful... More than I expected, I LOVE mine...
February 18, 2014: I LOVE my car charm. It is very good quality and the proceeds are for a good cause. My favorite color is purple---when I'm driving, I know that my sweet baby is with me!
February 16, 2014: I love this! It has become very meaningful to me since my mini dachshund passed away...
February 16, 2014: just love this car charm, got one for my best friend also
February 16, 2014: I really like this. It reminds me of all my cats I had over the years. They ARE forever in my heart.
February 13, 2014: Very pretty and a tribute to my late cat, Buddy. (It should say "NO LONGER by my side, forever in my heart)
February 13, 2014: My daughter recently lost one of her cats and the charm was for her. She loved it, cried of course. She loves it and i did too. Thank you.
February 13, 2014: I was very happy with my purchase of the cat memory car charm. It was nicer that I expected. I had one before but it was very small. This one is beautiful and I do love it. Thanks.
February 8, 2014: great size and cute to bad in time wil chip because is silvertone metal
February 2, 2014: I love this!!! I have it hanging in my car. I'm pleased with everything I have got from this site.
January 19, 2014: I like the car charm. I have gotten a few comments on it.
December 31, 2013: Loved this. Got one for me and one for my sister who lost her cat in a house fire a few months ago.
December 28, 2013: I bought two of these (one to give a friend) and they are just so beautiful & say exactly how we feel about our furkids who are with us and crossed over. Your site is just amazing..thank you for offering so many wonderful items. Us Aussie's love your site :)
December 19, 2013: This Car Charm is just beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. Hanging on my rear view mirror, this Heart & Purple Paw Car Charm is just so beautiful. It shines and reminds me how much I love my dogs.
December 14, 2013: Loved this so much...went out an got a chain, and I am using it as a pendant it.
December 12, 2013: I LOVE IT!!!
December 11, 2013: adorable and well made.
December 11, 2013: I LOVE it!!! I sounds like little wind chime with another pet charm I have hanging with it, and it is beautiful and very comforting, reminding me of my beloved Dogs that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge...
December 11, 2013: I love this so much. Absolutely beautiful. I ordered this right after one of my dogs passed away as a constant reminder of my "Rocco."
December 11, 2013: I love this. Wish I would have ordered more at that price. Worth much more.
December 11, 2013: This is a great reminder of our friends who have crossed to the rainbow bridge. I have it hanging from the shelf where I have my best friends' pictures and collars.
December 11, 2013: Very pretty - was going to give it as a gift, but decided to be selfish :)
December 7, 2013: I love this SO much!! I was just in a bank drive-thru next to a vehicle that also had this charm... I just looked at them and knew they were people I would like!!
December 2, 2013: Absolutely beautiful and great to give as a gift.
November 20, 2013: When I saw it I new I should of order right then and there. I so hope they get more in. I need several for myself and family members.
November 20, 2013: Well... I have to say.. it is even more beautifull than I expected. I really love it!!
November 19, 2013: I LOVE this and wish I would've ordered more than 1. It is the prefect size not to small or to big. I would highly recommend this.
November 19, 2013: beautiful! expresses how one truly feels about animals - and as always goes for a great cause - helping animals
November 15, 2013: I love this car charm. It looks so beautiful in my car! It is also a reminder of my kitties who have crossed Rainbow Bridge so I think of them all the time.
November 10, 2013: Just love this charm. Each time I look at it, I think of my Sam. He was a beautiful cat who life was cut short. Miss you, and you will always be in my heart.
November 9, 2013: I love this!!! Everyone that sees it wants one!!
August 26, 2013: I want one really bad. when will they be back in stock
August 19, 2013: I love my car charm. I have it in my Mini Cooper Clubman. It gets lots of good comments. And, when it swings it makes a nice sound. I would recommend it to anyone who loves their pets.
August 19, 2013: This is quite beautiful, and captures my feelings about my sweet orange and white boy who crossed the Rainbow bridge too soon.
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