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'Lively Lights', Brightly colored cotton scarf supporting the less fortunate

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October 29, 2014: 5 Stars. Love the scarf, bought one for myself and one for my Sister. Every time I wear mine, people comment on how pretty it is. Very unique, goes with just about anything. I would buy it again
October 9, 2014: It is beautiful! I am buying more because I love them so much!!!
October 7, 2014: This scarf is beautiful, comfortable and easy to accessorize with. It can be tied many different ways and I've even used it as a belt. The quality is excellent.
October 6, 2014: The Northern Lights scarf is beautiful & I am so glad that I be a small part of helping to save the rain forest. Thanks TQD
October 5, 2014: Absolutely!!! Stunning colors!!
October 1, 2014: Everyone will want one of these when they see us wearing them Colors are outstanding and I love the weight of the material.
October 1, 2014: Beautiful Bright Colors--bought 2--1 for myself & 1 for my daughter but my grand daughter who is 8y/o saw it and wanted it for herself because it was so pretty--even youngsters know when something is BEAUTIFUL !!!--Happy Grandma---love---Deb
October 1, 2014: I purchased one for myself and one for my sister-in-laws birthday. We both love them! They are beautiful! Though I didn't like the sizing or whatever was on it, made it feel sticky. I washed in in mild soap, cool water, and hung it to dry. Feels a lot better The colors remained bright and still kind of foldy and wrinkly which I wanted. Best of all I donated food to animals and helped my Global Girlfriends! This is a wonderful opportunity for these ladies, and I thank them very much. You go girls!
September 11, 2014: You should order this to help a Veteran. However, when you receive it, you will be amazed. The packaging itself is worth the purchase. However, the scarf is GREAT. Wonderful buy. God Bless our Veterans.
September 2, 2014: Beautiful....
August 27, 2014: Very pretty scarf. Warm enough to use in winter, cool enough for spring, autumn use. Once my daughter sees it, pretty sure I'll be purchasing another one!
August 21, 2014: I ordered two of these and they are beautiful! Look just like they do in the picture. You have to unwind them when you get them but that gives them that "crumpled" look that is so beautiful
August 8, 2014: Love it, so colorful.
August 8, 2014: i really like this scarf. it's not quite as bright as pictured but beautiful nonetheless. looking forward to wearing it now and into the fall.
August 8, 2014: love love my scarf!!!!! it is so beautiful and classy. so glad i got it.!
August 6, 2014: I'd been waiting for this scarf to go on sale and when it did, I snagged one! Holy cow... IT. IS. GORRRRGEOUS!!! The colors are just stunning... so vibrant. OH - it's also HUGE! I love to make 'vests' out of my scarves during the summer months, so I can see them all year 'round. Wish I'd bought a few more as gifts. If you buy one, you will not be sorry :)
August 6, 2014: My girlfriend loved the scarf i got for her!
August 6, 2014: I love love love this scarf! I have one and have given these scales to friends, all of them love them too. They go with absolutely everything. And if you get caught in the rain, as I did, they become really pretty shawls! They have a nice feel to them too.
August 6, 2014: As nice as I expected. Had my eye on this for awhile and got it while it was on sale. Bright vivid colors. Nice and wide and long so it can also be used as a light wrap around the shoulders. Not washed yet, but seems to be good quality. I will hand wash in cold water and dry flat to be sure.
August 5, 2014: I love this scarf, from the way it was tied when it arrived, to the colors, the material, everything. I have had many compliments on it as well. This was my first purchase from but it won't be my last.
July 8, 2014: This is a great scarf...loved the colors and liked that it wasn't too wide -'I'm not a fan of most scarfs because they're so wide too much around my next. I've worn it and it made my outfit POP! Would recommend to a friend...good quality. Great price!
July 6, 2014: Beautiful scarf! Very surprised at the size once it was completely unwound :) Perhaps some of the colors might not be as bright but so many colors allows for it to be worn with just about anything. I bought it for my 16yr fashion maven ;) and she adores it! Thanks!
June 16, 2014: I knew I was taking a chance when I ordered this after reading all the reviews. I was expecting to be disappointed, and when I first opened the package today, I was. After I opened it up and spread out the tightly twisted material, I was less disappointed as all the colors were revealed. It is not as bright as the one in the picture, but the colors are beautiful. It's just more of a fall color scheme than summer. Also there was no smell like some have mentioned. I even asked my husband, as his nose is better than mine, and agreed, no smell. So I will give it 5 stars.
June 5, 2014: Love Love Love this scarf. It is so colorful. Can be worn with anything and long enough to wear in many styles.
May 30, 2014: Beautiful:)
May 27, 2014: I have been looking at this scarf for a long time, really wanting it but not wanting to spend the money. One day I just decided I love that scarf and I want it, so I bought it. What a great scarf for a good price and cause.
May 25, 2014: Very nice quality and goes with everything. Thumbs up!
May 19, 2014: Love the product, definitely worth to buy it.
May 7, 2014: This beautiful scarf has brought many compliments to my wife when she has worn it. Excellent quality and very good buy.
April 29, 2014: Another gift for my sweet sister, and she reports that the scarf is awesome and she loves it!
April 26, 2014: Here's what I wrote about this scarf on Facebook: This is a very fun and often-complimented scarf. (I know becaue I have one.) "Global Girlfriend sources women-made, fair-trade imported, eco-friendly products." The only reason better than that for buying this scarf (it's only $22, plus shipping) is that it's so darned beautiful. "Become a 'Global Girlfriend' and help build a brighter future for girlfriends around the globe!" So, obviously I'm VERY happy with it! Thank you! ~ PGK
April 20, 2014: Very pretty. Goes with jeans or it can be dressy enough for church.
April 10, 2014: This is a beautiful scarf with lush rich colours. I ordered 2 scarves and they were a little different- one slightly more vibrant than the other but both still gorgeous!! Plan to order more for gifts! Would highly recommend!! They arrived quickly to Australia too so all round a great service and product. Thanks!
April 10, 2014: This is a beautiful scarf and matches with so many different items. It is my favorite scarf. It's light enough to wear almost every day.
April 8, 2014: I have worn this several times and I just love it. So many complements as well. Don't worry, every time someone asks, "Where did you get that beautiful scarf?", I tell them. Animal Rescue Pet Shop.
April 8, 2014: I like my scarf very much. It is a little heavier than I thought it would be and the colors do really look like the ones in the photo....there is a lot more green in my scarf. I am sure I will find something to wear it with and will end up loving it.
April 5, 2014: This is one of the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen. The service was great and the product amazing!
April 5, 2014: This scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors, and got a ton of compliments the first day I wore it!
April 2, 2014: Beautiful, bright, happy colours! Love it!
March 31, 2014: I love this scarf! I love the colors; it goes with almost everything. The size is great; I can wear it many ways. I have received a lot of compliments on it. It supports a wonderful cause too. Perfect
March 26, 2014: I purchased several of these for gifts. And of course one for myself. I truly love the vibrant colors in the scarf. It is the perfect length. Those who have rcvd these from me have really loved them also. Great choice! Money well spent! 5 stars!!!
March 7, 2014: The scarf is okay but the colors are nothing like those in this picture. It is a lot more muted and brown, green, orange rather than the pinks and blue.
March 7, 2014: Absolutely LOVE this scarf! Colors are vibrant and beautiful... couldn't be happier with my purchase!! In fact, Love it so much I bought another for my sister :)
March 3, 2014: Absolutely gorgeous and soft. The colors are outstanding.
March 1, 2014: What beautiful colors in this scarf and I would recommend as it matches everything! Love the wrinkled look affect!
February 28, 2014: I enjoy wearing this scarf more than any other that I own. I always get compliments and it's my pleasure to share where I bought it.
February 27, 2014: This scarf is beautiful. I get compliments every time I wear it. Great quality!!
February 16, 2014: I was actually stunned when I opened the package. The scarf is huge and absolutly beautiful. Could not have been more pleased !!!
February 10, 2014: The colors are very bright and bold. It arrived tightly twisted into a rope, so it will maintain its crinkles through packing and traveling. I didn't care for the chemical odor it had, but I opened it all the way and spread it out on my closet shelf. The odors dissipated. I hoped because of all the colors I could wear this scarf with a number of outfits, but I don't think it's quite as practical as I thought.
February 10, 2014: Beautiful, beautiful scarf !! Long enough to wear in so many ways -great buy !!
February 9, 2014: Got it for my daughter in law and she LOVES it! She loves the colors and the wait feel. I'm glad I got it for her and the purchase helps rescued animals.
February 9, 2014: I was disappointed with the colors in this scarf. I like the pinks, blues and purples hues as shown in the sample but the scarf I received was more dark oranges, greens and just one little strip of light blue whatsoever. The quality of the scarf is there but needless to say, I fell in love with this scarf because of the cool light colors of pink, blue and purples that dominate in the sample picture.
February 8, 2014: I love my 'out of this world' scarf every time I wear it someone comments that it is beautiful. It lightens up my day just wearing it.
February 6, 2014: I purchased these for gifts. Both people staated that they were beautiful, but smelled awful when unwrapped. They both thought they smelled like cigarette smoke!!! Don't know if it washed out.
January 27, 2014: Even prettier in person. Both my granddaughter (a sophomore in College) and I love them! I was so glad they came back in stock!
January 20, 2014: I love the colors, they are just as vibrant in person. Beautiful!!!
January 20, 2014: Mine is not as bright and beautiful as the one shown. Mine is drab, shorter than I prefer and coarse fabric that does not feel very nice on my skin. I kept it but am not happy with it.
January 19, 2014: This scarf is heavy as a bed sheet--I was expecting something lighter--and the colors are dark and drab.
January 18, 2014: Colors are pretty, butnot as vivid as the picture or what I expected; it is also a lot wider that what I like, so I have returned it.
January 18, 2014: Love this scarf! Bright, vivid colors.
January 15, 2014: I'm sorry to complain, but I expected to see vibrant colors of pinks, and blues, and oranges, etc... Mine came and I was really let down to find a mostly brown and muddy colors and no white at all to brighten it. Not excited about it. I know they are all different but mine is just blah....probably will never wear.
January 15, 2014: I received this scarf today and it's beautiful! The colors are as vibrant as in the photo and on the pretty model.
January 12, 2014: Beautiful!! Gave my sister one for Christmas & ordering another for myself!!
January 10, 2014: The scarf is very pretty! I will buy more of these as gifts!!!
January 10, 2014: Love this scarf. Beautiful colors. Lots of compliments when I wear it. I'm going to buy more as gifts.
January 6, 2014: Cotton is comfortable against skin. Long enough to wear several different ways. Colors are brilliant. Get lots of compliments when I wear it.
December 22, 2013: Thank you
December 21, 2013: I absolutely love this scarf. The colors are brilliant. I bought one for myself and one for each of my daughters. I would highly recommend this scarf to anyone who wears them. Great gifts!
December 17, 2013: I absolutely love this scarf! It is so beautiful, the colors are vibrant and rich. I have been waiting since last year to buy it and then a couple weeks ago it was finally back in stock and I just had to have it. Just got it today and I love it!
November 15, 2013: Such a beautiful scarf!! The colors are vibrant and it will go with anything!! It is a perfect length to wear in different ways! I LOVE IT!! It is also very soft. A+++++
November 13, 2013: Beautiful, versatile scarf! Great size and weight, I've had so many compliments, I can't count them all. This is a wardrobe staple - a perfect addition that easily brightens any outfit.
November 13, 2013: This scarf goes with everything, bright colors, perfect length. I have received so many complements on the scarf. Highly recommend.
November 11, 2013: I love this beautiful scarf. It was a splurge for me, but because it helps the animal shelters I decided I could order it. I'll be wearing it for the holidays.
November 10, 2013: I LOVE this scarf! Colors are more vibrant than pictures indicate. Everything about it is excellent.
November 4, 2013: this is a WONDERFUL scarf! The colors really Pop, and it doesn't matter what I pair it with, it looks amazing...the colors are so true, and bright- it really is my new favorite, because it goes with everything in my closet.. and the fact that it's COTTON is also a blessing. it washes nicely- just hang dry..
November 3, 2013: I LOVE this scarf!! The colors are so much more beautiful than the picture! Perfect length and looks beautiful with so many colors!!
October 9, 2013: LOve Love Love this scarf. I bought one for me and then had to buy one for my boss who loves scarves. She wears it all the time. It's absolutely beautiful and big and goes with everything!!!
September 30, 2013: Very beautiful scarf! The colors are so vibrant! Length is perfect, too.
September 17, 2013: A beautful scarf..the story behind it is inspiring...loved the way it was rolled...and best of all "global girlfriend"..hopr more will be available
August 27, 2013: I liked that it is labeled as a "Global Girlfriend" scarf because it was a gift for my BFF. Also like that women who made it will benefit. Cotton is the best fabric. It is colorful and fun.
August 23, 2013: I just love this colorful scarf!
August 19, 2013: Love this scarf. The colors are bright and beautiful. It will go with almost any color!
July 31, 2013: An amazing, go-with-anything accessory. Beautifully made and sure to invite comments and compliments. The biggest surprise is how the scarf is shipped; when I bought one for my sister I didn't unwind it...I left it for her to discover the intricacy of the tightly wrapped, glorious revealing of this astonishing symphony of color!
July 24, 2013: This scarf is beautiful. Bought it as a gift...but I think I'll have to have one too!
May 29, 2013: Absolutely LOVE this scarf, wore it over a black dress that has beads etc on the front, of the exact colors that are in the scarf. Had so many compliments. The size and quality are excellent. Will be able to wear it with many things. NO disappointment here!!!
May 19, 2013: LOVE this scarf!! never wore scarves before, but after getting this one, I may start. Got lots of compliments! And the bonus.. helping others.
May 13, 2013: Purchased 2 of these -- kept one, gave one away. Irresistabley beautiful! Long enough to knot or twist, brightens my mood just to wear it, and knowing it is helping those who made it and those who need mammograms, adds to how good the scarf makes me feel!
May 13, 2013: A beautiful, large, colorful scarf which can be worn many ways. I received it as a gift for Mother's Day making me very happy because it helps the lovely women in India.
April 6, 2013: A wonderful, versatile scarf. It will make many appearances in my summer wardrobe. As a scarf, a swimsuit cover-up and a wrap. I am really pleased with it.
January 9, 2013: Beautiful--well made
January 7, 2013: Just received the scarf today, and I love it. Really pretty with vibrant colors that I feel would cheer up any outfit....just lovely. In my opinion it's a perfect weight also...Light enough that I believe I will be able to wear it during the Spring and cooler days of the Summer, but not at all "chintzy". Might just need to buy another one just in case.... ?
January 6, 2013: Colorful, versatile cotton crinkle scarf at just the right length. Well worth displaying the miriade cancer colors. Also supports women (of India).
January 5, 2013: The scarf is beautiful, It matches with everything I wear. Especially when I wear black Thank you
December 12, 2012: I love the colors in this scarf. It goes with so many things. You will get many compliments when you wear it. I like that it was made by an organization that supports great causes. Anne
December 10, 2012: The colors are even better in person. I've gotten lots of compliments on this scarf, with some even wanting to steal it. LOL
November 27, 2012: I LOVE this scarf! I can wear it with just about everything and the fact that it's cotton makes it breathable and just warm enough. When I wear it, I get many compliment on it as well.
November 17, 2012: Just beautiful!!! Nice large size. Bought 1 for me and 1 for a gift!
November 17, 2012: I'm in love with this scarf! It looks much more amazing than shown here. It's a great length and excellent quality. It can look dressy with a nice coat and it looks trendy and casual with a hoodie. I highly recommend this scarf. I'm going to buy another one in case.
October 12, 2012: I purchased this scarf and it is prettier and more striking than even is shown here. It's gorgeous. I've worn it with turquoise, purple, black, and it could be worn with any number of other colors. It's ample length and quality crafted. Soft, beautiful! It really does remind one of the Northern Lights! It's slightly less "crinkly/accordianed" than shown - which I like. Just enough. You won't be disappointed with this stunning and amazing-looking scarf! And help your global sisters/women in the process!
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