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'Memory Of A Friend', If Tears Could Build A Stairway Paw Print Memorial Ring

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October 19, 2014: Recently had to help my cocker spaniel Buckles cross over the rainbow bridge and wanted something special as a remembrance. Saw this buckle collar ring and it was perfect. Have other stainless steel jewelry so I knew this will last. Love it.
October 12, 2014: What can I say, when I received my ring I LOVED it. I was not sure of my ring size so I went with a 7 it fits perfectly. I got it for my Dutch that I had to put down due to a kidney disease this past July. I miss Dutch and I have this to keep him close to my heart. .
October 10, 2014: This ring is a quality product. It is durable and beautiful.
October 9, 2014: Love this ring,in memory of my blk lab,Bubba,I never take it off.Thank you
October 6, 2014: Love it wear it all the time.
October 5, 2014: I received my beautiful ring 2 days before the anniversary of my Baby Pit Arlis Jones passing. The ring is beautiful and I love it !! I look down at my ring and a smile comes on my face !!! My baby Arlis Jones 9-22-2013
October 2, 2014: The buckle has very sharp edges that scratch me and pulls my hair out. Other then that, the ring is beautiful....wish I could wear it.
September 18, 2014: I lost my "Precious" Keeshond last month. Had her 13 yrs. It has been the MOST devastating experience I have been through since I lost my Dad 18 yrs. ago. This little ring helps as I wear it. It is beautiful and I also ordered other jewelry and it is ALL beautiful....wish so bad they could be here with us Fur-Ever!
September 17, 2014: I totally love this ring! I had to put my beloved Miss Chance to sleep a month ago today. She was a beautiful golden retriever we were together for 17 yrs I miss her more then words can express. This ring is awesome everyone wants to know where I got it and when I read the poem that is inside they start to tear up. Now I have a little reminder of Chance w/me every day love it I will never take it off
September 16, 2014: I bought this ring in remembrance of my beautiful 16 year old german shepherd, I cannot take his ashes everywhere with me, but I can wear this ring everyday. Lovely ring fits perfectly and I never take it off.
September 16, 2014: It is a beautiful ring, but as someone else mentioned missing the pointy collar overlap. I'll live, but you should address this inconsistency. I am sure that since it is stainless steel I will be able to wear it for a long time. Apparently I ordered it big, but in the long run that is OK, since with arthritic hands I never know what my knuckles will be like. Was only disappointed that the shipping provider let my package sit for four days with no activity and my ring arrived after the estimated delivery date.
August 22, 2014: Well, the reviews are right, no way does a photograph do justice to this ring. The paw prints and flowers are so delicate, it's a very solid ring but looks fragile. Mine didn't have the sharp edges, and ran very true to size, which made it a bit big since I was afraid it might run small. Just popped it on a different finger. Loooove it! Will surprise my daughter with one, and maybe even her husband, as dotty as he is about his cat!
August 18, 2014: My Daughter,Staci,lost her Abbi last month,so I bought her this ring as a surprise & remembrance. She LOVES it!!!
August 18, 2014: Love the rings but the sizing was way out. As I am in Australia it is not worth returning them and I am quite happy to have helped some fur babies in the States.
August 18, 2014: Like it? I love it!! it fits perfect. My Breska was with me for so long (18 years and 1 month).. and yet not long enough.. with this ring she will Always be with me..
August 17, 2014: Struggling after the loss of my beautiful Bernese Skye, this ring brings me some comfort as it has such meaningful words engraved on it. The fact that I'm also supporting other animals by buying from this website helps as well. Thank you for such a fabulous item.
August 9, 2014: I ordered this ring and within two weeks lost my beloved pet to a sudden illness. I love the sentiment and like other devoted pet parents I take comfort from it.
August 3, 2014: I love my rememberance ring. My Good Boy was Sooo Special !! I never take it off and I think about him every time I feel it on my finger or look at it. It helps me keep him right by my side.
August 2, 2014: First of all, I like the ring, I wear it often, and it helped rescued animals. It came in missing the pointy "end of collar" portion. When it's worn, you cant tell. No biggie, I'm not sending it back. It's a tribute to my lost babies!!
July 28, 2014: Absolutely gorgeous! Fits true to size. The picture doesn't do it justice...I've gotten so many compliments on this ring! It's not an obvious or cheesy "rememberence" piece but very classy and subtle. I had my dog's name inscribed on the inside, there is plenty of room to do that if you want. I love something I can wear every day to remember my baby.
July 18, 2014: Love the ring! Can't wear it while brushing long hair because the hair gets tangled in the "collar" but otherwise awesome.
July 14, 2014: Stunning ring, very elegant.
July 10, 2014: Ring size is not correct. Too small; ordered size 9, will only fit with effort my size 8 middle finger. too much trouble to send back, so I will keep, but am not happy. Yes, I do KNOW ring sizes!
July 6, 2014: I just received this ring and I absolutely love it!!! Even though I knew what the inscription on the inside said...I cried my eyes out. I got this ring in remembrance of ALL of my furbabies that have crossed The RainbowBridge over the years. I love and miss them all so very much. No amount of time will ever take away the sadness and love that I have for ALL of them.
July 2, 2014: I just received this ring today and absolutely love it! (And I've already had people ask me where I got it!) I bought it in memory of my Lab, Caly, who passed away a year ago. The ring runs true to size and seems to be extremely well made. I look forward to wearing it for years to come.
July 1, 2014: I LOVE this ring! Great quality and it's beautiful. :) ?
June 27, 2014: I had originally ordered a size 9 because of what I read in the reviews and it was way too big. Because I loved the ring so much I did return it and I got the size 8 in about a week. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! This ring means the world to me - I wear it in remembrance of Hazel who was killed by a hit and run driver in May. She was the my daughter & son-in-law's most amazing doggie. I wear my ring every day - it's beautiful and very solid, absolutely worth it. Don't hesitate to buy it.
June 18, 2014: Weve had to say good bye to a few pet-kids over the years. This was the perfect remembrance. Beautiful ring that really looks much more expensive than it is. Perfect thought engraved inside it as well. I love it.
June 14, 2014: Love love love this ring. I wear it for my precious chi that I lost named Angel. She was my baby and no matter how much time has gone by I still miss her like crazy. Love the words on the inside of the band. How true they are
June 5, 2014: I absolutley love this ring!!!! I lost a pet some years back that I have never gotten over. This is a symbol for me.
June 1, 2014: I like this ring very much. It's perfect to wear evey day
May 29, 2014: I think the ring is very adorable and I love the saying inside. The ring however, has sharpe edges from the buckle and square band. It scratches me and I find it difficult to wear.
May 29, 2014: I love the ring. Everyone comments on it and I feel I carry my baby with me everywhere. It's a wonderful way to remember her!
May 27, 2014: This ring is a very nice ring. It is heavy duty and beautifully made. Only drawback is you can't read what is inside the ring. too hard to read. But who is going to see that, right? It is still worth the money!
May 25, 2014: I absolutely love this ring, and couldn't be happier. This one is dedicated to my life-long best friend, whom I had since I was 6. He passed away in 2008, at 14 years old :( My L.O. will always be held close to my heart. Rest in peace, my furry friend :(
May 24, 2014: This is a beautiful ring that I wear in remembrance of my beloved Maltese Corky. Everyone gives compliments on the look.
May 21, 2014: It was a beautiful and adorable ring. But the size was off. I know what my ring size is but it didn't fit like my other rings.
May 19, 2014: I couldn't be happier with this ring. Its so nice I don't want to wear it and scratch it. I bought it in remembrance (not like I will ever forget them) of my furbabies Elizabeth, Babe, Trouble, Sammi, Figaro and Peanut.. Thank you for the memories and thank you for this lovely ring! >^..^< ^j^ <3
May 17, 2014: I love this ring! I wear it always! I've had it over a month. It is in memory of my Axle Hunter, my German Shepherd soulmate, lost to DM a year and a half ago. I pray the text doesn't wear. And also that I see my boy again one day. I would recommend to anyone that wants a memorium for their beloved pet.
May 17, 2014: I am so happy with this ring. The fit is true to size, and it looks great. I haven't taken it off since it arrived. I wear it in memory of my beautiful Labradors.
May 16, 2014: Beautiful ring, but just a tad small for my tastes. And I, too, hope that the writing doesn't wear off in time.
May 8, 2014: I received this ring today and I love it my mastiff passed away almost 22 months ago and I miss him everyday and the tribute inside said it all I love the stainless steel and this is my favorite piece of jewelry I plan to wear it everyday this site where animals are helped keep these lovely pieces of jewelry coming
April 28, 2014: I love this ring! My Chihuahua passed away last week of liver cancer and I needed something special to remember him by. I normally wear a size 7, but decided to get an 8. I'm glad because it fits perfectly. I recommend going up a size if you buy this ring. If it's too big, you can always get an insertion to make it fit.
April 28, 2014: I love this ring!!! It is more beautiful in person then on the photo. I lost my dog a little over two months ago. I am a regular shopper on this site and when I saw this I just had to have it. I checked everyday to see if it was in stock and was so excited when it was. I show it off to everyone and they just love it and the inscription. I miss my dog very much and every time I see this ring, it makes me remember him and all the good times we shared. It is a great remembrance!!!!!
April 26, 2014: I ordered this ring in remeberence of my Black Lab, Dozer, who passed away. He was 4th generation bred and born at my house. He was the constant in my childrens lives. This ring is very comfortable and the inscription is quite touching to anyone that reads it. A very nice triburte to my beloved four legged child since his collar doesnt fit on my finger. Love and miss you Dozer.
April 16, 2014: I really love this ring and I had to get it for my dog that I lost 3 years ago. It is beautiful althought the writing inside is a little bit small. The ring is amazing quality and comfortable to wear. I just love it.
April 12, 2014: My Rosalie passed away in January. She was a 12 yr. old Chocolate Lab who I adopted from the shelter at age 10. She was the sweetest dog that I have ever owned and I miss her every day. I bought this ring in memory of her, especially the inscription inside. The ring is just perfect in every way and it is a true size 9. Every time that I look at it each day, I think of her and how much joy she brought into my life.
April 11, 2014: Got this for my fiance. He was so touched. He said it was a quality ring for the money, and that he was going to wear it every day. His heart still hurts from the loss of his beloved dog, and this meant alot to him to remember her. Thank you!
March 15, 2014: I got one for me and one for my mom, who lost her boxer on Christmas day. We treat our dogs like family and it's hard when they're got. This helps to remember them every day!!!!!!
March 15, 2014: I love this ring. I keep it on all the time and every time I look at it I think of my Zues. I miss him dearly everyday and this has helped me so much with his loss. Great ring...thank you for helping me through this.
March 11, 2014: Love this ring! I wear it as a thumb ring . A reminder of my 16 yr old best friends who crossed Rainbow Bridge in July. It is a heavy, solid ring. Nothing cheap about it. Also love that it is stainless steal.Very happy with it!
March 8, 2014: Absolutely LOVE THIS RING!! Happy to Help Pets by ordering from this Site, will keep right on ordering!
March 3, 2014: LOVE this ring, it means so much to this website...Thank you
March 2, 2014: I love this ring and it reminds me of my precious Macy. I love the inscription on the inside. Keep this in stock!
March 1, 2014: I bought this ring it is awesome!
February 28, 2014: Superb.
February 24, 2014: love it!
February 10, 2014: I have wanted this ring since I first saw it on the site. I received my ring today and was very disappointed. The ring looks nothing like a dog collar and the engraving on the inside of the ring is unreadable unless you have a magnifying glass. Needless to say I will be returning the ring tomorrow. This ring was a BIG disappointment and I'm very disappointed. Not worth the price at all.
January 31, 2014: I lost my husband and then had to put down my dog, Dukie. I have been very down for 5 months now..I miss them both but Dukie's death just took everything out of me. This ring is great! I have it on the finger next to my wedding ring and to be able to look and see these memorials to both my guys makes me feel closer to them. The ring is wonderful! It feels sturdy and looks beautiful! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do something to remember their furever friend that goes everywhere they go.
December 5, 2013: I checked back every day to see if they restocked, I've been wanting it so bad! Then one day, out of the blue, only MY SIZE became available. I'm so glad I managed to snatch one in the end! It's a beautiful ring, definitely worth having!
November 26, 2013: Love the ring. I got it in remembrance of my little dachshund, I miss him so much. The ring is great quality and I too have had compliments on it.
November 24, 2013: this ring is so very nice. I've gotten compliments on it. You have to see it to realize the great quality. I too got it in remembrance of my dog.
November 24, 2013: I love this ring I ordered it in remembrance of my border collie Patches she was 10 1/2 years old and had serious health problems her entire life, but she was the light of my life and this ring says everything I would want to say to her. I love you Patches
November 24, 2013: It's beautiful and unique.
November 24, 2013: Love this ring, got the largest size 10 and its too small. Wish you would have larger sizes for we people with fatter fingers.
November 13, 2013: I love this so much, nice quality. It makes me think of my 'little girl' that I took in after the hurricane. She had such a rough little life until I got her ... she was an angel then, is still is today.
November 5, 2013: LOVE IT! Absolutely beautiful ring. Looks exactly as pictured on the model's hand. Actually looks like white gold rather than stainless steel. I've tried stainless steel jewelry pieces before and never like them as they were too "dark". I'm a fan of white metals (sterling silver and white gold) and this one fits the bill. Due to arthritis I cannot wear my wedding set and I've actually been wearing this little ring instead! Pretty and COMFORTABLE to wear!
November 4, 2013: I was surprised at the quality! I wanted something to remind me of my Nick who passed in Aug. from cancer, and this is perfect. I never take it off.
October 28, 2013: Georgeous ring,beautifully designed, and awesome to wear. LOVE IT!!!
October 27, 2013: This was the perfect gift for my daughter who lost her faithful companion of 14 years, three years ago. He was a special, unique dog...and she LOVED the ring.
October 26, 2013: I just saw this ring today and am so sorry that it is out of stock. I really hope you get it back in stock again!
October 25, 2013: I'm such an IDIOT!!!! I had this in my cart, and of course, waited until the last minute, and now they are gone! PLEASE tell me you will get more in~~~
October 17, 2013: This ring is ADORABLE but every time I read the poem my eyes tear up. Such a sweet way to remember a pet, My dog Zeek passed away in March/13 & he was my heart & soul, I bought this to honor him & never take it off. Excellent quality, knowing it's stainless steel & the design will never wear makes this ring a must have to honor your pet. I absolutely love this ring! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
October 1, 2013: This ring never leaves my finger. The ring is so pretty and it makes feel close to my fur babies at rainbow bridge!
August 1, 2013: Love the Ring And The Inscription, But The Words Are wearing Off A Bit.
August 1, 2013: Love this ring. It keeps his memory close to my heart and makes me remember he is waiting for me . . .
August 1, 2013: This is a really beautiful ring, well made and looks great, with a perfect inscription. I bought it in memory of one of my three dogs who passed away at 14. I would buy at least two more for tow other people if you had more in stock.
July 26, 2013: Beautiful ring. Paw prints on the outside do start to wear off rather quickly though.
July 22, 2013: this is such a cool ring!!! the price is crazy. absolutly my favorite ring. such a nice message and way to show your love of animals. i have purchased several for gifts for fellow animal lovers. it fits so smooth and has such a pretty design. i tell all my animal loving friends about this site and what a nice way to support needy animals and also find awesome gifts and goodies : )
July 13, 2013: Absolutely love this! Every time I look at my hand, and feel the weight of it on my finger, I'll remember with love, all my furkids that are waiting at the bridge for me. Thank you!
July 12, 2013: I absolutely love this beautiful ring. My only complaint is that I wish your jewelry came in 14k gold. I can't wear it to work because my hands are in water a lot. Would love to see all your jewelry in gold.
July 12, 2013: love this ring bought it when I lost my precious baby. I just hope the inscription inside doesn't wear off.
July 11, 2013: I adore this ring! It was everything I imaged when I purchased it. Seriously, one of my favorite rings of all time. The design is elegant and the wording inside is divine. I wear this ring in honor of all of the animals that did not find a forever home and in honor of my animals because they are what make me, me.
July 7, 2013: I love this ring, it is a beautiful way to honor my babies who are waiting for me at The Bridge. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has lost a furry loved one. The only caution I have is that the ring runs a little small, so if you normally wear a 1/2 size then definitely go one size up.
July 1, 2013: I didn't have this 6 months before the "buckle" part fell off. Before it did fall off, it kept catching my hair.
February 21, 2013: i love this ring ... unfortunately it is not available. will you be getting a restock?
February 7, 2013: When I had to send my best friend on to his new adventure, I wanted a special rememberance of our 15 years together. This is it! The detail is awesome. What you see in the picture is what you get.
February 6, 2013: I got the ring a couple weeks ago and love it. A nice remembrance for me of my furry friend recently passed but a nice looking ring that others notice and comment on.
February 6, 2013: I bought this ring shortly after my best friend passed away. I desperately needed something that made me feel like she was always with me, and this did it. I'm wearing it now in fact. I've had it for 1 month. There hasn't been any staining of my finger and the quality seems to be very nice. I would highly recommend!
February 1, 2013: I wear this ring every day in memory of all my fur babies that I have lost. Unfortunately I've lost 4 in the last 4 years and I wanted something tangible to remember them by and this was absolutely perfect. Beautiful ring.
January 3, 2013: What metal is this made from? Thanks.
December 30, 2012: I love this ring. Its for my past fur kids that I loved. The band is a little thick but it will take some getting use to. Its great.
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