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'Crazy Cat Lady....', ...And Proud of It! Funny Ceramic Mug with Paw Print Design

Item# G42296

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  • Dolomite ceramic


October 7, 2014: Great quality and size!
September 29, 2014: I absolutely love my mug, it is so pretty.
September 6, 2014: I bought the mug purely for altruistic reasons but I must say that it's really a great coffee mug. When my 5 darling kitties and one pooch get me up at 5:30am I need a mug that can hold a large cup of coffee and this one can do the job. It's big, funds a good cause and is dishwasher safe. Who could ask for more?
September 3, 2014: Bought two of these mugs! Love them. One for me and my grateful friend! :) XOXO
September 3, 2014: I love my mug and enjoy coffee from it nearly ever day.
August 31, 2014: I really love this mug! The first day I brought it to work I had people asking me what it said on it and that they liked the mug. I like the mug too, and I love supporting animals in shelters by buying from TARS! The mug is nice and big, easily holds 12oz of coffee with enough room for lots of milk, just how I drink my coffee :)
August 28, 2014: Love this mug! It's a great size and also nice and sturdy, not to mention really cute!
August 21, 2014: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kitty mug and use it every day. Now we just need a Kitty Daddy one 'cause the husband is jealous of mine!
August 9, 2014: Great mug to support a great it! I keep in on the kitchen counter all the time, it makes me laugh!
August 9, 2014: Really love the cup Great Gift nice size cup
August 1, 2014: One of my fav tea/yerba mugs. Huge and sturdy. Exactly what a cat lady needs.
July 28, 2014: I already have one of these mugs, but love it so much, I wanted a backup in case it got broken. Sturdy, perfect size, and perfect sentiment!
July 25, 2014: Pruchased two - one for my neighbor and one for myself - both July birthdays 14 & 19. Loved the mug of course why not!! she has two cats, I have three ( all rescued and we take car of 7 nutured feral cats daily. Have been for the past 12 years. the perfect gift for both of us coffee drinkers.
July 25, 2014: This is a wonderful mug. I use it every day. It is very well made and fits me great. Holds my morning coffee while watching all my kitties play. Thanks for a wonderful way to start my day.
July 25, 2014: This mug is larger than I expected it to be - and I LOVE it! It's very well made and is very attractive - love the heart shaped paw-prints! VERY satisfied with this product!!
July 25, 2014: Love this coffee mug! It is large and very sturdy. I use it all the time!
July 25, 2014: Awesome mug - large without being too bulky or heavy. We have 4 rescued cats, so I guess I qualify for this sentiment, but I must know....why isn't there one for a crazy cat man!? My husband is at least as, if not more, culpable in our cat acquisition tendencies!
June 25, 2014: I got this mug as a gift from a friend because, YES, I am a Crazy Cat Lady! I love this mug because it's well made and big - Holds a lot of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you choose.
June 25, 2014: I love this mug! I bought it a year or two ago, and use it daily. It is MUCH better quality than I had expected, and darn cute too! Nice and big too, for my early morning jump-start needs :)
April 2, 2014: Love this, cute, well made, and good size. Gave one as a gift, and she loved it.
January 15, 2014: LOVE this mug!!! Nice large size.
January 14, 2014: love this! and perfect gift for cat lovers.
January 13, 2014: Love the mug! Very useful in the morning!
January 12, 2014: perfect for me, especially since I was able to get a blue one. Not crazy about the words on the back, though. Pride is a forbidden act.
January 10, 2014: Love, Love, Love this mug. It was totally appropriate for me since I have six indoor cats. It goes in the dishwasher just great. It's also just the right size. Not surprised to see that it is presently out of stock.
January 3, 2014: Bought as a gift for a friend. She was very happy with the mug.
January 2, 2014: It's my new favorite mug! it is adorable and the perfect size
December 26, 2013: I purchased a different style "crazy cat lady" mug from the Animal Rescue site several years ago and recently dropped and broke it. :( Of course I needed another. So glad to have found this one. It is nice and large and I love the color and paw prints. Shipping was very fast.
December 22, 2013: Loved the mug. It is exactly as shown on the website. The graphics and colors are great.
December 22, 2013: great size and beautiful it!
December 21, 2013: I love it. Shipping was fast & it was exactly what I ordered. Thank you
December 21, 2013: I love this mug and gave some as gifts to cat friends...crazy or not!
December 19, 2013: I love this mug! It is much better quality than the last design, which I also have, and is the perfect size.
December 13, 2013: I bought 6 of these and could have used more. They are SO CUTE! Highly recommend.
December 10, 2013: This mug is so cute and very sturdy, I love it! Makes a great gift for any woman who loves kitties! I gave one to myself and one to my neighbor who is such a cat lady, she loved it!
December 10, 2013: 5 Stars! My Mother-inlaw loved it. Very prompt delivery, also.
December 2, 2013: This is a great mug. Perfect for that first cup of coffee in the morning, or last cup of tea at night. I smile every time I use it.
November 30, 2013: It's bigger than I thought it would be, but it makes a great way to show off how much I love cats! Makes a wonderful gift for all cat lovers!
November 30, 2013: Very cute just as pictured.
November 28, 2013: This mug is exactly what I needed for a great cuppa. And best of all, in buying it, I've helped animals in need
November 22, 2013: This is really very cute, just like you see it in the photo. I ordered 4 and gave three of them away. I am thinking of getting more while they are on sale.
November 12, 2013: Just ordered this for a Christmas gift and I love it! Should have gotten one for myself. Great quality mug, nice handle to grip and great color. I know the recipient will love it also!
October 17, 2013: Fits me to a T. A must for cat lovers.....
September 19, 2013: Received one as a gift. I love it! Have been trying to order one as a gift for someone else for like 5 months now. Getting frustrated because every time i check it's ALWAYS out of stock. I feel bad because months back i told the person i am getting it for that i am sending her a gift that I know she'll absolutely love, and I STILL haven't been able to get it to her. She probably thinks I'm totally full of BS by now.
July 12, 2013: great size mugs for soup or coffee or anything else you might like - very cute for the avid cat lover or animal lover
May 22, 2013: Love the mug! Love the blue and purple colors, the generous size, and the slogan sums me up quite well! I ordered two in case one broke and they weren't available anymore.
May 22, 2013: Beautiful generous sized mug. Paw print are blue and purple. Great talking point with my friends. Love this mug!!!
May 20, 2013: very pleased with mugs, like the sze !!!
May 19, 2013: Loved the mug! I bought two. One for me and another for my Sister. She loved it too!! They arrived quickly and very well package!!
May 19, 2013: Loved my mug. Have it right next to my coffee pot to use every day. Love it!
May 11, 2013: Such a great mug! Really durable and I've used it in microwave. My favorite mug to use.
May 10, 2013: I ordered two mugs just in case one gets broken, I'll have another. I am truly a crazy cat lady, have always had a cat or cats, so I just love these mugs!!!
May 10, 2013: These mugs are purrrrrfect!!! So cute! My daughter and I love them. They are large, holding a generous cup of coffee, which we love and the colors are pretty. You will not be disappointed. They are sturdy, but not too heavy.
May 9, 2013: LOVE it!!
May 5, 2013: I love my mug! It's the perfect size, I use it every day.
May 4, 2013: Love this mug, absolutely perfect. I use it at work and started getting called crazy cat lady. It's about time I got some recognition! ;)
May 4, 2013: This is my favorite mug. It is very solid & fits a Kurig. Thank you.
May 4, 2013: Great size mugs for lattes.
May 4, 2013: I love the size of these cups. And I confess - I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it.
May 3, 2013: Love this mug. Larger than I thought it would be. Strong colors. Nice weight. Very good buy. Highly recommend.
May 3, 2013: I bought two of these mugs for me and my daughter and we are both so pleased to have them, good quality and lovely big mugs, thank you from me Brenda Glasgow Scotland.
May 3, 2013: Mug was received in a timely fashion and packaged quite well- love the size also-great for a weekend "sit around and drink cofee" mug!
May 2, 2013: I got the mug in the mail. Very well packaged and it was intact and in great shape! I LOVE MY MUG!!! I am a cat person and I am a serious coffee drinker. So the mug serves 2 purposes. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2, 2013: Wonderful mugs! Not too heavy, but high quality ones and a great size. I use them every day. So nice to get a cute mug I love that is big enough for a "maxi" cup of coffee or tea!
May 2, 2013: I love my cat cups. I use everyday. Nice size & very well made. Would recommend to anyone with cats or with no cats for that matter. A very nice cup.
May 2, 2013: The best!!! My daughter already used them a lot LOL Thanks so much!!! I really love my mugs!!!!!
May 2, 2013: I love my cup. I know no one else will use it but me. It is really cute, and it describes me perfectly. Love, love, love it.
May 2, 2013: Great mug, extremely fast shipping.
May 2, 2013: Lovely big mugs of great quality. Good price and very fast delivery to Australia.
May 1, 2013: So adorable! The mugs are large and the design is so sweet.
May 1, 2013: The mug is great much larger than I thought it would be.
April 30, 2013: Great cup! Bigger than I thought!
April 28, 2013: Beautiful cups, pleased I brought friend liked these so much I had to give her one :)
April 23, 2013: I love this cup! In fact, this is the second one I have ordered. I broke the first one and was heartbroken, and had to wait several months for them to be back in stock. It's a great size, and nicely balanced. I drink my coffee from it every morning.
December 17, 2012: Lovely chunky mug, My friend is going to love it :)
December 2, 2012: I love this cup! It is wonderfully deep. It feels good to hold and it keeps my beverage warm.
December 2, 2012: Love this mug!! My son calls me crazy cat lady so I had to get it. Come from a family of cat lovers so I got one for my mom and sister for Christmas. It's a great size and says how I feel!
December 1, 2012: I have wanted this mug for a long time. I was so pleased to get it and use it everyday for my tea. It is wonderful to have such a big mug so that I can have 2 cups of tea in one mug. only have to make my tea once. love it.
November 29, 2012: Good sized mug. Love the pattern. Makes a perfect gift too.
November 20, 2012: Love this mug!
November 18, 2012: Gave one for gift & kept one. I have a cat that we had named crazy cat so had to have the cup. Love
October 18, 2012: What's not to love? Get something awesome, help my favorite cause. All at the same time!! :) Got one for me and two for CCL friends who now love me even more because of the lovely gifts!
October 5, 2012: Love it!! Nice large mug but not too heavy.
August 23, 2012: I love this mug. Not too big and not too small.
August 23, 2012: Bought this for a friend for this Christmas. We both love cats, but she drinks a lot of coffee and I only drink an occasional tea (no coffee). Thought she could use it more than I could. Cute!!
August 19, 2012: The mug that "Says It All". For me and my girls . . . . . it's every cattastic day.
August 2, 2012: cute cup! it is soo true for me as I am owned by 20 cats& kits! most of them strays & rescues!!
July 27, 2012: Got this mug for myself and love it. Everyone who sees it likes it and of course it's very reflective of my life since I am owned by 5 cats! It's a great size for coffee drinking ~ anyone who loves coffee and cats will love this cup.
July 17, 2012: Love it!
June 12, 2012: A must have for any cat lover. The blue and lavendar colors make for a cheerful mug. Sent this to my sister alone with some more expensive gifts--this was by far her favorite!!
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