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'Classic Creation', Cobalt Blue Soup Bowl Adorned With a Dragonfly Design

Item# G39653

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October 2, 2014: Love this bowl! Well crafted and looks beautiful on my desk!
August 17, 2014: I bought 2 of these dainty bowls to go with the plates. I love dragonflies so I had to get them! I like the fact that they were made in Japan instead of China. The can go in the dishwasher too! I noticed some reviews complaining about the small size. The size dimensions are given in the description of the bowls. I may be purchasing 2 more!!
July 11, 2014: It's beautiful. I have on my desk at work so I can look at it every day.
July 9, 2014: As all the other items I have purchased from your website, I am delighted with this beautiful little bowl. Keep up the Good Work for others! I will support you as long as it helps others by doing so. God be with you.
June 29, 2014: I purchased 2 plates and 2 bowls and was disappointed because the dragonfly logos don't match.. The dragonfly logo on the plates is a taupe (I wouldn't call it coppery-brown, although I wish it was). The dragonfly logo on the bowls is a silver-grey color. These were supposed to be a gift (a plate and bowl for two people) but I'm hesitant to give them as a gift now. Can I exchange them and get them to match?
June 23, 2014: The good: beautiful and easy to care for -- holds about one cup of food (berries, nuts, cereal, soup, etc.). This is not for big portions. The bad: I love it, and prefer the small size to control portions - but this is definitely a pasta or salad bowl. The skinny: I love these bowls, and have used them for about two weeks.
March 17, 2014: I received a set of these bowls with the spoons as a gift and I LOVE the color and the quality! They are perfect for soup for 1!
March 6, 2014: I ordered these bowls and the plates. They are beautiful. Great purchase.
February 15, 2014: Beautiful little touches to put out for my guests. Love them.
February 14, 2014: Beautiful bowls to pair with the matching plate. The dimensions are given so stop whining about the size. Certainly you cant expect to order something 4.5" and expect it to be 8" when it arrives! This is the standard size of a Japanese soup bowl.
February 9, 2014: I REALLY hate to give any item less than 5 stars but I have to be honest. I LOVE the bowl and the color and the dragonflies but I was so disappointed when I saw how small it was! I had been prepared to have a bowl of cereal in it but it would only hold a third of a cup of cereal! Surely the Japanese don't eat that small of portions? If the bowl was a standard cereal size I would love it! That being said I am keeping it because I would never do anything to take away from the dogs but I really wish I could see myself using this pretty bowl...maybe for a dipping sauce?!
February 5, 2014: nice quality, beautiful color. I gave it as a gift and my friend really enjoyed it.
January 23, 2014: Sized for a Japanese-style portion of soup or rice; more of an American-style dessert or sauce bowl. Nice weight and balance, beautiful colouring. Received a pair for Xmas and have already used them many times. Just lovely.
January 19, 2014: These are very pretty but are hardly the size of "classic" soup bowls; more like for peanuts or a small snack. I ordered 2; one arrived with a chip in it, so I will be sending it back. I also ordered the 2 spoons that go with it, and one of them had dragon fly "wings" that were the size of braille dots on either side of the main body, so will be sending those back for replacement as well. These are really nice, for small snack decor at a party. I would never serve soup in them without fearing my guests think me cheap.
January 18, 2014: Totally love these bowls, great color, dragonfly is awesome, size is great. My husband loves them too, and our friends are in awe of them.
January 13, 2014: I always have a hard time finding gifts that are appropriate for different people. I needed something to give a fellow environment activist, so I bought two of these bowls for her. She was thrilled!
January 4, 2014: Beautiful – but small as others have noted.. Unfortunately one was chipped. Will probably consider going to more so can use for dessert.
January 3, 2014: Solid, lovely, a joy to use. Proud to set out for guests. Terrific size for side dishes and desserts. Will order again, as I'd like to have a dozen on hand. Use them all the time. Currently have candy in one on the cocktail table, and nuts in another.
January 1, 2014: Thank you to all veterans active and inactive..
January 1, 2014: Purchased for the mom of a dear friend, and it's just as gorgeous as pictured. Extremely well packaged, too.
December 31, 2013: Beautiful set. I loved them and intend to buy a few more as gifts.
December 31, 2013: my mother LOVED these. she especially loved the fact that they were made in Japan, rather than China. i liked the fact that i got to help animals.
December 29, 2013: I first bought 2 bowels then just before Christmas decided to buy 2 more as a gift. The glaze on them is very good and the picture of a dragonfly just sets it off. I also bought 4 soup spoons to as I just didn't think that serving these bowels with silver spoons would look right. I am really happy with my purchase.
December 28, 2013: Beautiful bowl! I use it to hold my special rings. Carefully wrapped in bubble wrap when shipped, I appreciate that.
December 27, 2013: These are great bowls. I use them for my crystals!
December 23, 2013: These bowls are just lovely with the high shine glazed look!
December 21, 2013: Absolutely beautiful. I also ordered the matching spoons, and will make a great gift.
December 15, 2013: Beautiful! And it will make a wonderful gift for a Chinese friend when paired with the matching soup spoons. Carefully bubble-wrapped so it arrived safely and in a timely manner.
December 4, 2013: this bowl is the perfect size for one serving of miso soup or ramen, and it is beautiful.
November 17, 2013: I love the color and the dragonfly design! Perfect size. I thought they might be a little heavier like some similar bowls I have, but these are great none the less.
November 15, 2013: Loved the pictures of the bowls but when they came was surprised how small they were ! Quality is Great though !
November 8, 2013: Bowls arrived safe and sound and are absolutely beautiful. I ordered the spoons to go with them and can't wait to use them. May even order some more.
October 7, 2013: I bought these as a gift for my daughter.They are beautiful. A little smaller than I had hoped but they will do.
October 5, 2013: Bought two bowls. Measured, they hold 12 ounces (1.5 cups of fluid). Small, but reasonable serving size, really. I wasn't as impressed with the color as some of the other purchasers were, but maybe the hype set the bar too high? Still, they are pretty, sturdy, they feel good in my hand. Would recommend.
September 30, 2013: Lovely. The colour and design are beautiful. I have used them and find they are of definite quality.
September 28, 2013: Beautiful bowls but much smaller than I thought they would be. No real use for them except maybe for small snacks.
September 21, 2013: These are lovely but small bowls - should be called cups. I find them very handy - perfect size for a piece of fruit, rice or snacks.
September 19, 2013: When I received this Midnight Dragonfly Soup Bowl, I thought it would be too small to hold much soup, but it will surprise you. When filled about an inch from the top, it was sufficient for my appetite - the same amount as a restaurant's "cup of soup" if not a little more. The bowl is a pretty blue with the raised dragonfly motif on the outside and in the bottom of the bowl. I washed it by hand as no washing instructions were enclosed. I am very happy with it. Thank you.
August 14, 2013: This bowl is very pretty, I was expecting a good size soup bowl but it is so small I can't even use it for cereal. I gave it 3 stars because of how tiny it is. One arrived smashed due to lack of proper packaging, but they have offered a new bowl, even exchange or my money back. I will get something else. I have the spoons and they are perfect.
August 11, 2013: I was so surprised when I got my bowl. It was absolutely beautiful!! Which, made it even more special because it was a present for a friend! I would recommend buying this! But buy for you and one for a friend!
August 10, 2013: I just received this bowl yesterday and I absolutely love it!! The color is just gorgeous. I will be ordering more of these in the future.
August 1, 2013: I purchased these bowls for my son for his birthday. I had asked that they be shipped to him, but they came to me instead, which I am glad they did because I got to see them first! They are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!
June 12, 2013: I got this bowl for my daughter who is a dragonfly freak. She really liked it. I was hoping it was a bit larger, but it's very pretty.
June 5, 2013: They are beautiful
May 15, 2013: These bowls are just gorgeous! The picture doesn't do them justice because the blue color has little sparkles throughout. I bought these for myself and then purchased again for a friend in London, who loves them as much as I do. The matching spoons are wonderful, as well. I highly recommend!!
May 10, 2013: Such a lovely bowl! I purchased this as a gift for a cousin who loves dragonflies. I was very pleased with the appearance and noticed in another review there are spoons to match. So now, I probably will go purchase another bowl and the set of spoons to match! Great purchase . . .
April 13, 2013: Beautiful enameled solid feeling broth or candy bowl. I plan on getting 3 more to make a set for company.
April 2, 2013: Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to have to buy more as gifts. I wish a larger bowl was available. And the wonderful thing is that I can donate to a worthy cause & I get something gorgeous back. Thank you!!!
March 26, 2013: Beautiful bowl. A pleasure to use. Have bought for myself, my son and my daughter. Perfect for snacks, rice, soup, Wash in dishwasher & use in microwave.
March 25, 2013: The color is amazingly more beautiful that you can see here. My first order included a bowl with a chip and customer service very promptly replaced the bowl. I am thrilled with these gorgeous bowls and their matching spoons.
March 25, 2013: I bought the bowls and spoons to match for a house gift. I like them so much I am keeping this set. I will have to buy another set to give as gift.
March 17, 2013: Small bowl. Lovely glaze.
March 15, 2013: This is the prettiest bowl. It is very well made. The cobalt-blue is a beautiful color blue and the dragonflies look great on and in it. I bought it for myself and have used it several times.
March 15, 2013: A perfect side for at my job.
February 18, 2013: This is a wonderful bowl, perfect size for serving rice. I ordered two and the matching spoons.
January 15, 2013: bought this for my daughter, we love it,would like to get another,couldn"t find it .
January 14, 2013: I gave two of these to my daughter for Christmas, and she loves them. She eats a lot of soupy and noodly things, and the bowls are perfect for this, and she finds them quite beautiful.
January 2, 2013: I bought the matching spoons last year for a stocking stuffer present. This year I bought the bowl for the same person. The bowls are beautiful traditional Asian size rice bowls. Just beautiful. They are lovely in the pictures here, but in person the depth of color and vibrancy of the Midnight Blue Speckled glaze is just amazing. It is hard to describe just how lovely they are. The bowls and matching spoons set a beautiful table and I hope that they will come out with more sizes of plates and bowls. The bowls came very well wrapped and protected and arrived in beautiful condition.
December 27, 2012: My 3 granddaughters were delighted and appreciate the quality and will use them as bowl to serve rice,to eat cerea and put nick nacks from her deskl
December 26, 2012: This is a nice bowl, but it is kind of an odd size. I am unsure of what people are going to use it for.
December 22, 2012: Simply beautiful.
December 15, 2012: Photos do not do justice to the deep glaze and rich color. Beautiful bowls.
December 4, 2012: Beautiful bowls! Love the design and colors. We also got the matching spoons--love them!
December 4, 2012: Really cute little bowls. A great deal.
November 20, 2012: very nice bowl and matching spoon; these are perfect for Japonese type foods.One of our bowls did arrive broken.Hopefully it wont be a problem to get it replaced.
November 15, 2012: Wonderful. Perfectly made. And fun to put on the table! Really very pretty.
September 21, 2012: They are beautiful but I agree with others who pointed out they very small and overpriced (bought right before they dropped to $9 each). Cup would be a better descriptor. Mine did not have any packing or quality issues.
September 20, 2012: I selected this distinctive and unique dish for that very reason!
August 10, 2012: These bowls are very pretty and very small. I didn't pay much attention to the size, shame on me. I think they're over priced for the size but as I said they are good looking. Unfortunately one was broken when I unpacked it. I wish they had been packed more carefully.
July 28, 2012: I ordered one and use it as a sugar bowl. Perfect size and the blue is beautiful. I am thinking of purchasing more as gifts. They are delightful with the dragonfly design.
July 21, 2012: I had bought a set of these bowls awhile ago and loved them so much, I bought another set! The colors are vibrant and the dragonfly adds the perfect touch. To anyone thinking about them, I say go for it!!!
July 12, 2012: The blue of the dish has, if possible, even more depth than in the picture. Note the dimensions given: it is on the scale of an Asian "soup bowl" not a western one. I adore this bowl.
June 30, 2012: It should be called a soup cup, not a bowl, they're tiny. Also one of mine had a blob of gunk on the side - painted over so it's part of the "bowl" - at $12.95 or even $9 each, highly overpriced for the value - wouldn't buy them again and feel ripped off.
June 24, 2012: I got 2 of these as gifts last year and my husband liked them so much, I got another to surprise him at Christmas! Great quality-nice design
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